#WordCamp Organizers: T-Shirts have no gender!

Disclaimer: This short post is in english because the audience might be a bit bigger regarding this topic. Also this post is about the t-shirt situation at WordCamps. There are many more issues with clothing in general but I only want to rise awareness for the community around WordPress – the community which I am part of.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-15 um 13.26.13.png

This is a screenshot of the booking page for the tickets of the upcoming WordCamp 2018 in Nijmegen. It’s an example for a very confusing way to describe the cuttings of T-Shirts. Do the T-Shirts identify themself as female? As male? How where they assigned? What is the difference between them?

And that’s the problem. A shirt is an object. Objects in general don’t have a gender. The best way to describe the cutting of shirts is to describe the cutting itself: Is it waisted, or is it straight?

It’s simple: There are men who wear waisted shirts. There are women who wear straight shirts and vice versa. So please: Change it!

(Also a size chart would be good. And shirts larger than 2XL would be great.)

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